MyRepairs is a product from a major power tools company, built specifically for construction jobsite managers to submit and manage repair requests for tools across multiple jobsites. Before MyRepairs, this process was typically handled through pen and paper and a number of phone calls. The goal of MyRepairs was to streamline this process for those jobsite managers and make the process accessible in one central hub — making it easy and quick for managers to submit a repair request and see an overview of tool statuses throughout the repair process.

Additional phases of the MyRepairs product sought to build in a quoting system and the ability to purchase tools for upcoming jobs directly. This foundational design and central dashboard allow for that future expansion in the next release.

Role: Visual and UX designer

Collaborators ︎︎︎
UX Design: Kinshasa Hawkins
Creative Director: Adam Murphy
Designed at Gorilla Group

Tuesday Oct 5 2021