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😼 Exploding Kittens

Taking a party game company beyond its most viral product.
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Exploding Kittens has released over a dozen party games in the years since their breakout Kickstarter hit of the same name became available in 2015. The DTC experience was lacking this delineation between Exploding Kittens (the game) and Exploding Kittens (the company), leading to new games getting lost in the shuffle and a messy, inconsistent site experience.

UI Design Lead

The Stable


I worked with my team of designers and key client stakeholders to create a consistent and scalable design system that doesn’t compromise on the brand’s irreverent sense of humor.

Working with many of these vibrant colors introduced challenges around ADA compliance, and so after optimizing all current product pages, I provided the client with a reference guide for ongoing use when rolling out future products. 

To aid in easy discovery, key product details were converted to scannable badges displaying the player count, time to play, and the age — just as customers would find on the packaging when perusing the shelves at Target. Expansions were also given high visibility on product pages to optimize for attachment rate. 

Small interactive details evoke the brand’s playfulness and add moments to delight customers. We also worked to distill each game's text-heavy rulebook into fun and digestible content blocks that provide a "How to Play" overview while incorporating the brand's iconic comic-style illustrations.


This extensive site redesign provided the Exploding Kittens team with a future-proof design framework that has already been utilized for new product launches. Content can be created quickly, the stand-out branding is at the forefront, and every product page is packed with optimizations designed to educate buyers and increase revenue through easy bundle purchasing.

Before & After: Product Pages

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