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A retail rockstar’s debut in DTC.

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Natural beauty retail brand Raw Sugar Living has earned a loyal following over the past decade with their clean packaging, uplifting messaging, and focus on clean ingredients. Looking to expand their reach and revenue potential beyond the retail shelves, Raw Sugar decided it was time to launch their first DTC channel. 

UI Design Lead

The Stable


After identifying that Shopify is the best platform for their needs, I consulted with the client on a theme implementation to suit their immediate goals and ensure future usability as they grow the available product offering online. 

Of critical importance here was that the design reflects Raw Sugar’s clean brand mission, achieved through subtle interactions and a framework for unique collection curation.

The digital experience allows for storytelling opportunities and moments that can’t be replicated on the shelf. Customers can more easily see product texture + consistency through branded photography and easily discover the wide range of scents that Raw Sugar has to offer. We took full advantage of these DTC perks and created something that complements their retail presence while truly taking it to the next level.


Raw Sugar signed a post-launch retainer to continue our partnership, allowing us to design + develop new features including navigation optimizations for their expanding catalog, editorial content, a rewards program rollout, and more. Since launching with 20 of their best-selling products, Raw Sugar now has over 120 products available for purchase via their DTC site.

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