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💎 Signet Jewelers

Designing a user experience that feels as high-end as its product.


Signet Jewelers was looking for a mobile-first product configurator experience for customizable jewelry to roll out across their portfolio of brands — including popular retailers Kay, Jared, and Zales. 

Simplifying and consolidating into a single framework would allow Signet to fully own + customize their configurator experience and stop relying on third-party licensing across their many brands.

UI/Visual Designer

Gorilla Group


Designing with a mobile-first approach helped us focus on ease of use and the clarity of the experience. Each product has variable customizable attributes (chain length, gemstone, etc.) that require unique UI patterns and image assets to ensure the customer is able to clearly understand their options, make a confident selection, and enjoy a frictionless purchase experience. 

I designed the steps to have clear completed states to help the customization process not feel endless and maintain momentum towards purchase, while incorporating optional upsells such as engravings and additional gemstones to increase the average order value. Large product imagery dynamically adjusts with each selection, providing customers with an immersive model of what they’re building.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration was key for the success of this project. My team and I worked closely with business analysts to ensure that all possible use cases were accounted for. The intricate path to purchase also required me to produce a high standard of documentation from original concepting through dev notes in order to maintain sync across teams and deliver a final user experience that is easy to use and internally consistent. 

Elevating the Experience

The next step was to take the universal configurator and apply it to Kay’s Neil Lane Bridal Collection. I developed the design direction for this phase, which included an elegant landing page and a unique customizer experience that elevates the universal configurator with detailed storytelling, media content, and other brand elements from pre-existing Neil Lane packaging.

In order to empower and educate users and make them feel as though they are designing alongside Neil himself, we concepted immersive video content and voiceover for Neil Lane that covers the core steps of customizing an engagement ring — choosing the mounting, center stone, ring style, and metal.


The universal jewelry configurator transforms a complex customization process with many user touchpoints into a continuous and enjoyable user experience.

Additionally, in elevating the foundational elements of the core configurator experience for Kay & Neil Lane, the result is a world-class experience that feels commensurate with both the cost and significance of many people’s once-in-a-lifetime purchase — a custom engagement ring.

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